Subway (Carnegie Hill)
Address: 1585 3rd Ave.
Phone: 212/996-0312
Neighborhood: Carnegie Hill
Cuisine: Sandwich/Soup Shop
subway ch Oh Jared, wherefore art thou Jared? My guess is that he's at McDonald's right now filling his gut with a Big Mac and a supersized fries. Seriously, no wonder that guy lost 400 pounds. A six-inch veggie sub must be about as filling as eating a handful of sawdust and a Dixie cup of grape soda. Subway is a bit stingy with the meat is all I'm saying. My turkey sandwich tastes like bread. Apparently the cold cut trio tastes a little like a spicier bread (so I've heard). But that's really why we all go to Subway: the bread. I could eat a twelve-inch sub with just onions, lettuce, oil & vinegar, and salt & pepper and be pretty happy. Unfortunately, Subway doesn't sell the nothing sandwich, and if I'm paying for crappy turkey, I'm going to eat crappy turkey. Somehow this company has survived the Gilbert Gottfried Asiago cheese, hand-puppet commercial, as well as the geographical language barrier (hoagies, grinders, wedges, heroes, etc.) to become the biggest restaurant chain in the US. This particular franchise has the advantage of being well located for those commuters coming from the 6 train to the many apartment houses lining Third Ave. It also suffers from the typical Subway "skinny setup" problem that most of these restaurants have. People in line bump people getting sandwiches, etc. But they staff quite an army of sandwich makers to serve the crush of weekend, lunchtime traffic that tends to descend on the place every Saturday and Sunday. [MF]

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